Our Course

ESPANOL SIN LIMITES - Level 1 is a 12-week course consisting of an introductory week, 10 weekly lessons, and a last week that includes a review, evaluation, and closure.

LESSONS are delivered via an interactive video taped lesson of between 30 to 45 minutes delivered by Setty Attias using games, activities, visuals, and a variety of teaching methods.

We have INTERACTIVE FEATURES such as games made by us, links to public games and exercises, as well as quizzes for each lesson with support as needed.

We show you or your child SPANISH CULTURE via cultural videos, photos, music, recipes, activities, and suggestions.

We offer OPEN COMMUNICATION WITH THE TEACHER and support via e-mail, as well as PARTICIPATION IN LIVE EVENTS once per month (3 total).

All students also get ONE-ON-ONE LESSONS at a special reduced price (30-minute private lesson with Setty Attias).

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